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Cover of issue 16
Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 16 in PDF format (2627K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date: 6th October 2003

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 45.5 (this is another bumper 52 page issue!)


  • News
    • AmigaOS 4 Update
    • AmigaOS 4 on AmigaOne "Stop Press" sheet (also available for download in the Support Files section below).
  • Features
    • Alan Redhouse and Fleecy Moss Columns
    • AmigaOne-XE G4 Preview
    • Devided Loyalties opinion.
  • Reviews
    • MorphOS 1.4
    • Hollywood 1.5
    • AmiAtlas 6
    • Perfect Paint 2.93
    • MAS-Player
    • Mediator and SuperTV
    • ScummVM
    • PD Paradise: GummiSurf, CharMap 2.0 and Tiny Invaders
  • Support
    • Enhancing scanned and digital camera images tutorial (don't miss the support files for this tutorial below).
    • Introduction to C programming on the Amiga tutorial (don't miss the support files for this tutorial below).
    • Tales of Tamar tutorial part 4.

Availability: Sold out, PDF available.


Stop Press Sheet - In the "Hot Links" box out, the correct address for the Amiga World portal is not as we printed.

If you spot a factual error in Total Amiga and think other readers should know please inform the editor and we will post a correction here.


Support Files
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Some useful resources for the features in this issue:
AmigaOS 4 on AmigaOne Stop Press sheet. Issue 16 Stop Press Sheet (PDF) - Just as we completed this issue, AmigaOS 4 was demonstrated running on AmigaOne PPC hardware at the Pianeta Amiga show in Italy. To keep our readers (especially those not on the Internet) up-to-date with this development we included a "Stop Press" sheet with each subscription copy. If you order issue 16 as a single issue, from a distributor or as a back issue you will not receive this sheet, therefore we have made it available for download in PDF format.
Frying Pan Download - We noticed that there wasn't actually a link to download this package, mention on our news pages, on its website. Click the link above to download the demo version.
Enhanced photo. Image Enhancement Tutorial - The original images used in the tutorial for you to process.
C Programming Tutorial - The examples from our programming tutorial, ready to compile.
DICE C Compiler - Download the DICE compiler package from Aminet.
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Download issue 16 in PDF format (2627K).


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