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Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 17 in PDF format (2747K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date: 6th March 2004

Issue Status: Available Now.

Non-advertising Pages: 41.5 (48 pages in total)


  • News
    • News Items
    • AmigaOS 4 on Tour and UK show roundup
  • Features
    • Column from Fleecy Moss
    • Buzz Word's rumours and comment
    • Amiga OS 4.0 on AmigaOne Preview
    • Building a custom wooden tower case
  • Reviews
    • PhotoFolio 2.4
    • ArakAttack (Amithlon/OpenPCI USB drivers)
    • StarAm Plan (Shareware spreadsheet)
    • Amiga Arena Games CD
    • PD Paradise: Power Icons, KDEView, MiniShowPicture and RxMUI
  • Support
    • Enhancing scanned and digital camera images tutorial part 2
    • Introduction to C programming on the Amiga tutorial part 2
    • Classic Mac emulation tutorial part 2

Availability: In stock for immediate delivery.


If you spot a factual error in Total Amiga and think other readers should know please inform the editor and we will post a correction here.

Breaking News

Arak Attack Review (page 22) - Since our review was completed a new version of ArakAttack has been released that supports USB 2.0. You can download the updated version from Aminet.


Support Files
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Some useful resources for the features in this issue:
Image processing tutorial. Clone Tutorial Example Image - This is the image used in the "clone" part of the image processing tutorial
DICE C Compiler - Download the DICE compiler package, needed for our C programming tutorial, from Aminet.
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Download issue 17 in PDF format (2747K).


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