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Issue status: May be available from our distributors.

Release date: 22nd July 2006

Issue status: Complete.

Non-advertising pages: 48.5 (52 pages in total)
Colour pages: 4 (twice as many as before!)


  • News
  • Features
    • MoprhOS, Ambient and MUI 4 Update.
    • Amiga OS 4 Update.
    • Interview with Elena Novaretti (author of ZoneXplorer).
    • Dave Haynie interview, part 2.
  • Reviews
    • Papyrus Office X (68K).
    • Annotate.
    • Frying Pan.
    • Broken Sword II.
    • KeyRah (Amiga keyboard to USB interface).
    • SCSI device to IDE Adaptor.
    • Wacom Graphire 4 graphics tablet.
    • AmiNetRadio.
    • TuneNet review update.
  • Support
    • Reader Letters and E-mails.
    • OS 4 SDK Make tutorial.

Availability: This issue is being printed and should be available from the date above.

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Support Files
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Some useful resources for the features in this issue:
A portion of a fractal image. Elena Novaretti Interview, Full Version (PDF) - The full version of Magnus Johnson's interview with Elena Novaretti including explanatory diagrams and additional mathematical discussion.
Fractal Theory Diagrams (LHA) - Full resolution diagrams to accompany the interview.
Elena Fractals Web Site - A link to Elena's web site with the fractal image galleries mentioned in the interview.
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