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Issue 26 Details

Cover of issue 26
Issue status: May be available from our distributors.

Release Date: 21st April 2007.

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 49 (52 pages in total)


  • News
    • Amiga news round-up.
  • Features
    • ACube Systems Interview.
    • Edgar Schwan (Cygnix) Interview.
    • Hively Tracker team Interview.
    • Retrospective, Amiga 1000.
  • Reviews
    • Amiga OS 4 Final.
    • IBrowse 2.4.
    • AmiPhoto 1.5.
    • WHDLoad.
    • Linksys PSUS 4 printer server.
    • Immortal 2 and 3 CDs.
    • MindCandy 2 DVD.
  • Support
    • MindSpace tutorial.
    • PageStream label printing tutorial.
    • ImageFX Animated GIF tutorial.

Availability: Sold Out.


Back issues are no longer available direct from Total Amiga. This issue may be available from or one of our other distributors.


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