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Issue status: May be available from our distributors.

Release Date: 18th December 2006

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 44 (48 pages in total)


  • News
    • Roundup of Amiga news since issue 24
    • PPC Hardware Update (SAM440EP and Efika 5K2)
  • Features
    • Interview with Jens Schoenfeld (download the exclusive extract below)
    • Interview with Marcin Kwiatkowski (developer of the Sputnik KHTML-based browser)
    • Retrospective - Amiga retro and collecting feature, part 1
    • Amiga Big Bash 4 show report
  • Previews
    • Ignition
    • Mindspace
  • Reviews
    • ES Productions (Eric Schwartz) Animation Show DVD
    • SnowBros
    • Desert Racing of Bardos
    • AmiDiction
  • Support
    • ImageFX "Cool Effects" tutorial
    • Distributed Make tutorial

Availability: In stock for immediate despatch.

Support Files
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Portion of the first page of the interview extract. Jens Schoenfeld interview extract (PDF, 363KB) - An extract from Magnus Johnson's interview with Jens Schoenfeld of Individual Computers covering Clone-A, an Amiga chipset replacement project he is working on with Oliver Achten.

The full version of this interview is included in Total Amiga 25, order your copy directly below.

Please note that this PDF can be viewed in in APDF on AmigaOS 3.x but each image will cause an error and will not be displayed. It is fully compatible with AmiPDF on OS 4, APDF on MorphOS and PDF viewers on Mac and Windows.

One of the effects from this tutorial. ImageFX "Cool Effects" tutorial (LHA, 2.74MB) - This archive contains the original source photo (in JPEG format) used in the ImageFX tutorial along with the completed layered images in ImageFX's INGF format.
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Back issues are no longer available direct from Total Amiga. This issue may be available from or one of our other distributors.


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